Message from Co-Founder


Hi, My name is Maya Alghaith, I am Co-Founder of Health Gate.

 I am blessed to be a mother and I know that motherhood is the best thing that can happen to a woman.

But a close friend of mine lost the chance to bear children because of cervical cancer. It was heartbreaking to see her go through this trauma, I wanted to find out what went wrong.

I researched for a very long time until I discovered that the sanitary products, that we use every month, are not regulated and most are made from very harmful materials, that can be very toxic. I was shocked from what I found out. But I made it my mission to find a solution. I was fortunate to find the answer to this problem – safe, natural, non-toxic products, using the science of waterfalls.

Next to a waterfall is the highest concentration of negative ions.

That’s why we feel refreshed, light, positive, happy, no headaches. Negative ions are found where there is rapid movement of water – rivers, beaches. Even when you take a shower…although small amounts, but it is enough to refresh you. But once you are out of the shower that sense of refreshment is gone.

Here is the good news: Health Gate has harnessed this power of nature and created wonderful HG Anion sanitary products, free of pollutants and chemicals that actually improve your health and well-being. HG Anion has a signature and patented green strip that contains the power of negative ions (anions), just like the waterfalls.

Our sanitary pads are 100% natural, sterilized cotton , super slim, super absorbent, comfortable, breathable, using not industrial, but food grade glue.

Our products are accessible through variety of channels: supermarkets, pharmacies, and online.

We are working very closely with gynecologists who expressed that they witnessed amazing results on their patients after using health gate products.

The Thank You letters that we are receiving from our customers are the greatest reward, and we love to hear how we made a difference in someone’s life, how we changed someone’s life, how after using our products customers can’t use anything else, and wouldn't settle for less. And even after moving out of UAE, they still look for our HG Anion sanitary napkins. This loyalty and repeat business from end users for years is our great proof of success, and the greatest satisfaction.

The positive feedback spread out to the national media.

Our goal is to provide every woman with access to non-toxic sanitary products. it will be an ongoing journey that requires lots of hard work and dedication. But we are ready and committed to impacting positively women's lives.

I got on this journey because I genuinely care about women's health and their wellbeing.  I need your help to spread awareness and make a difference in many lives.

Are you ready to join me to build a community of healthy women?