Anti-stretch marks body

Anti-Stretch Marks Body Cream

Stretch marks are deep skin changes. They form during pregnancy, due to the rapid stretching of skin and the inability of the body to provide its necessary building blocks with such a speed, particularly collagen and elastin.

The Maternea Anti-stretch marks body cream is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested with ultra-thin natural aroma, perfume free. It is specifically developed for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, guaranteed safe for the baby.

Elasticity oil

Elasticity Oil

Maternea Elasticity oil is specially designed for the needs of the skin during pregnancy, when the whole body is subjected to big strains not only due to the extreme stretching and shrinking but also because of the increased level of the hormones, affecting the normal regeneration processes. Through its complex effect is the oil an obligatory part of the care for sensitive skin during this period and it nourishes it perfectly, hydrates it, softens it and relaxes it.

Breast firming cream

Breast Firming Cream

The skin on the breasts and décolleté is extremely delicate and not quite elastic. Since there are no well-developed muscles in the breasts, its beauty and firmness depend entirely on the skin condition. During the pregnancy the breasts enlarge considerably and it is essentially important to help the skin to take the larger volume. It must be nourished and protected on a daily routine, so that the breast would preserve their appearance.

Maternea Breast Firming Cream contains a complex of specially selected active ingredients, which effectively increase the skin elasticity, protect it from looseness, nourish and hydrate it. The skin becomes healthy, soft and smooth.

Colling & relaxing gel
Nutri calming nipple
Firming body cream

Cooling & Relaxing Gel for Legs

The increased accumulation of fluids and the compression of organs are the reason for the swelling in the legs as pregnancy progresses. The legs have to take the additional mass, the blood circulation is burdened and the increased levels of hormones weaken the walls of the blood vessels.

Maternea Cooling & Relaxing Gel for legs is the perfect solution for your tired and heavy feet, especially in the last months of the pregnancy. A specially selected complex of active ingredients is taking care of the legs through skin hydration, decrease of pressure and discomfort and provides a feeling of lightness and freshness.

Nutri-Calming Nipple Balm

Breastfeeding is the natural way of feeding your baby. Do not let dry and irritated nipples to prevent you from experiencing these special moments of bonding with your baby.

Materna Nutri-Calming Nipple Balm is an excellent way for regeneration and protection of the nipple skin from irritation and scars during breast-feeding. The cream has a thick and oily structure with a natural slight aroma from natural cocoa oil and is completely harmless for the baby, so that it is not necessary to wash away before breastfeeding.

Firming Body Cream

After the happiest event – the birth of the baby – the skin needs support. The body has still not regained its normal shape and skin has not recovered its healthy state.

Maternea Firming body cream contains a complex of active ingredients, which help the skin to regain its firmness and tone after birth. They hydrate and soften the skin, stimulate its regeneration, repair its impaired structure and improve the blood circulation. The combined effect of the ingredients provides soft, smooth, firm skin and reduction of the cellulite signs.