Dry Plus

1.       Cloth-Like Cover With Breathable Sides.

Allows air circulation that keeps baby’s skin dry and comfortable.

2.       Fluid Distribution Layer (FDL)

Distribute and retain moist efficiently.

3.       Durable Absorbency Core

Quick absorption keeps baby dry and comfortable.

4.       Side leak guard fit snugly to prevent leaks

Mini Pack Range

S size (8 pcs / pack)

M size (7 pcs / pack)

L size (6 pcs / pack)

XL size (5 pcs / pack)

Convenience Pack Range

S size (26 pcs / pack)

M size (22 pcs / pack)

L size (20 pcs / pack)

XL size (18 pcs / pack)

Mega Pack Range

S size (80 pcs / pack)

M size (70 pcs / pack)

L size (58 pcs / pack)

XL size (52 pcs / pack)

dryplus dubai
dryplus dubai

baby diaper

Dry Pro

1.       100% Breathable Soft Cloth-like Cover

Excellent air circulation keeps baby’s skin cool and fresh, prevents skin rashes and irritation. Very comfortable and soft to wear.

2.       Stretch – Fit Waistband

Hugs baby’s waist comfortably for a snug fit. Prevents leakage at waist.

3.       Soft & Easy Refastenable Velcro Closure System

Allows multiple and easy refastening for baby’s snug fit and comfort.

4.       Superior Absorbency Core Topped with FDL (Fluid Distribution Layer)

Speedily absorbs and retains urine, prevent back flow to keep baby comfortable and dry always.

5.       Standing Side Leak Guards

Gently hug baby’s legs to effectively prevent leakage.